An Appeal

Last year we felt compelled to extend Seed of Hope’s reach. We could see our work making an impact, and we heard feedback from other organizations that were impressed with our approach to HIV training, vocational skills and youth education.

We launched training for heads of households (including many members of our HIV support groups) to grow their own foods using conservation farming methods, reducing the dependence on food assistance. Our health team has quietly developed a unique training role as HIV educators – using courageous transparency to talk about the disease and encourage people to get tested and treated. We want to share our strengths and multiply our impact by equipping others to do what we are doing in these areas.

Unfortunately, Seed of Hope’s funding is not keeping pace with our vision. At the time of this writing (May), we have received 30% less in regular monthly financial support than we had one year ago. Calls for crisis relief can demand a response and feel more essential than the need for consistent investment in long-term results. Yet the most powerful, meaningful changes we can make in the world take time, and the personal commitment of one life to another.

Please consider signing up for monthly pre-authorized giving. This helps us release gifted people into vital roles, plan strategic ways to increase our impact. Your investment will be used with our highest regard for effectiveness, integrity and wise stewardship. Contact us today!