August 2008 Update

Each day at our Centre is a poignant reminder that life is a combination of joy and hardship,

loss and hope. The walls resonate with the laughter and songs of children, and the prayers and needs of the poor and sick.

Recently, some friends overseas donated dozens of children’s soccer jerseys, which are very popular in the nation about to host the 2010 World Cup! As the children lined up, waiting to choose from a table piled high with multi-coloured shirts, one girl spoke quietly with Thola Xulu, our Simunye Time leader. She had just been informed of her father’s death, and had to hurry home: could she pick out her shirt before going?

As she silently looked through the pile and chose an orange jersey, those of us standing at the table felt the enormity of her sadness, and wondered at how, after trying it on for size, she looked up at us and uttered a quiet “thank- you.” As we minister to her, and many families like hers, we remember that it is your partnership that enables us to be here.

Thank you.

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