Building Hope


Seed of Hope began in just one room of a disused building on the rural outskirts of Durban in South Africa. With your support we now serve over 1000 clients per week through programs delivered on-site, in local schools and in homes throughout the community. Through years of compassionate service and personal relationships, Seed of Hope’s staff and volunteers have cultivated deep respect and support in Bhekulwandle with clients, community leaders and other area organizations.

Seed of Hope now has the opportunity to purchase the entire Seed of Hope property for $200,000 CAD. This includes 8 substantial buildings and the rights to 1.6 hectares of land on which they sit. This is a long-awaited answer to prayer and a critical turning point in the work of Seed of Hope and what it can offer in the community.

Thanks to prudent and thoughtful stewardship of donations and resources over the last six years by the Seed of Hope South Africa team, $100,000 CAD has already been saved and paid towards the $200,000 asking price.

“We knew this place would be more than a building and land. This special place has become a beacon of hope in this community.”Heather Liebenberg, Co-Founder, Seed of Hope

This purchase will enable the Seed of Hope team to:

  • Open a learning centre equipped with computer training and mathematics tutoring;
  • „Host a satellite office for government and non-profit services (clinic days, ID applications, etc.);
  • House guests for multi-day farming and other training workshops;
  • Increase access to classes that strengthen families (parenting, personal finance, dealing
    with abuse, health, etc.);
  • Offer short-courses in a variety of vocational skills through a multi-purpose workshop;
  • Establish a permanent home for Seed of Hope’s community development work!

To view a video of the Seed of Hope facility, click here.

For further information please contact HopeShares.

Partner with us as we build hope

We are grateful to the many faithful donors whose regular support of HopeShares funds the regular operating expenses of Seed of Hope. In order to complete the purchase of the facility, we are asking you to join us as a partner for this exceptional capital project. With your generous contributions, Seed of Hope’s dreams of changing the lives of children, teens and families will continue in a permanent home – and have a base from which to impact further communities and regions!

PHASE ONE: Completed

Entire Property Purchase Price $200,000
Seed of Hope South Africa payment already made! -$100,000
Fee to local authorities for property transfer $2,500
Legal & Closing Fees $3,000


Fencing $10,000
Squatter incentives2 $10,000
House 1 Renos $5,000
Main Building structural changes and furnishings $26,500
Security, electrical and plumbing upgrades to House 1 and Main Building $6,500


Kitchen/Classroom $5,000
House 2 and Dorm 1 & 2 Renos $30,000
Concrete work $5,000
Septic/Drainage $7,500
Chapel refurbishment for multi-use training facility Paving/motor gates $32,000
Paving/motor gates $7,500



2 Due to long-standing residence on-site, a financial incentive has been o ered to help squatters relocate. Many have indicated willingness to move and permanently turn over the empty rooms to Seed of Hope.

3 Estimates based on quotes and best information currently available.