Building on People’s Assets

(November 2014) We believe people have skills, access to resources and social connections that they can or do already use. Building on those assets is empowering and allows people to see themselves as capable of creating change. In late August, community development trainer Francis Njoroge spent a week at the Seed of Hope Centre in Bhekulwandle, South Africa. His message …

Who Are the Experts?

It’s well-established in community development that the greater people’s participation in the process, the more effective the result. Real and sustained change requires involvement by community members, who must make an informed decision to change things. 

Confidence Stitch by Stitch

Bongi Cele is an elderly female from Bhekulwandle who previously had no skills and struggled in her life because of this. This made her feel discouraged and disempowered in her own life.