Fresh Thinking and Real Needs

Earlier this year, members of our sewing class emerged from a conversation about new products with an amazing conclusion: they knew what Bhekulwandle needed. Bed sheets and pillows, school uniforms, slippers and the housecoat-like gowns that many elderly women wear over their clothes while they work in the gardens. Not a remarkable list of items – except for the thinking behind it. These common daily needs are only available from department stores outside their community. Why not make them locally, for sale at competitive prices to people who would no longer need to travel to the suburbs just to buy these simple items? It was an exciting step of initiative, and would help many local families!

sewing class discusses product designs

Photo: Members of the sewing class discuss product designs.

Recently, we shared how Musa (youth outreach) had made a leap in confidence and taken his influence into two neighbouring schools. Now, he shares foundational life skills with nearly 500 students each week. He has identified further needs in his own community of Illovo, and recently started a boys’ soccer and girls’ netball team. Musa’s become a mentor and coach who shares the love of God with young people each day.

Examples like these are powerful signs of what discipleship looks like – people convinced that God has called them to use their talents and resources to bless those around them. They’re the reason we’re celebrating “fresh thinking” that’s flourishing among our staff, volunteers, and clients. However, this year our ministry faces a serious funding challenge. Our annual donations declined by nearly 30%, leaving us with major needs as 2011 draws to a close. We envision expanding our training and outreach programs next year, but depend on your support to make this goal possible. Please consider making a contribution today that will leave a lasting impact in Bhekulwandle, and beyond.

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(Carl Waldron)