Gifts of Hope

This Christmas, give a gift that restores a community. Gifts of job and life skill training, support and after school groups for all ages, support during crisis and computer training can transform an entire community.

Children & Youth

Equip tomorrow’s leaders through your support:

Simunye Time
$28/month or $336/year for one student to attend afterschool program

Abaholi Bakusasa
$48 allows one student to attend life coaching group group in local high school for one year

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Skills Training

Empowering individuals to provide for their families:

Sewing Training
$15/week or $60/month for one individual to attend sewing training

Work 4 A Living
$100 allows ones individual to learn the skills needed to prepare them for work

Computer Training
$20 gives one individual access to computer training to improve their computer literacy

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Community Care

Develop healthy and stable families:

Healthy Homes & Families
$100 gives one parent access to courses to improve their family relationships.

Crisis Referrals & Visits
$25 provides access to trusted support during a crisis.

GoGo’s Empowerment Group
$25 gives one grandma access to a weekly support group to help with the burden of raising their families.


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Where Most Needed

Your gift to our Where most needed fund will meet the most critical ministry needs, allowing us to better partner with Seed of Hope.

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