Our Work

HopeShares was born out of a desire to make a difference in a community in need. We have gained years of on-the-ground experience, which we combine with a range of strategies and resources for equipping leaders to build thriving organizations and impact their communities.


We partner with experienced local organizations who build sustainable, community-focused projects around the globe.

Our model of collaborative partnership has us teaming up with leaders to determine how best to support them, rather than taking the lead.

  • Screening

    We work to gather information on applicant organizations and their leaders to determine how to best facilitate growth. We work to establish a relationship and ensure that the new partner is prepared to tackle the challenging work required to reach new levels of effectiveness.

  • Healthy Leaders

    We begin with a personal assessment that includes multiple facets of the leader’s life and work. This enables HopeShares to craft a personalized learning and growth plan and determine the types of resources and mentorship that will be most valuable. Typically, the first year of partnership focuses on this essential aspect underlying all organizational success.

  • Thriving Teams

    In years 2 and 3, HopeShares broadens the scope of coaching and training to include healthy team dynamics and greater organizational impact. The process of assessment, growth planning, training and mentorship provide structure and accountability.

  • Community Impact

    When organizations and their leaders are healthy, they are able to effectively expand their work in the community to make lasting change.

The process of partnering with organizations to see communities transformed directly supports our vision of seeing a world where poverty is alleviated by restored communities.

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