Our Development Model

As a Christian organization we work with our partners to integrate holistic development and dynamic personal faith in Christ within a well-run organization. Our experience shows that this combination of faith-centric worldview with practical training is the most effective means of achieving our ultimate goals for community development:

Restored Individuals, Reconciled Relationships and Thriving Communities.

We recognize that to bring worthwhile change to individuals, organizations or communities requires patient involvement and insight.

The roots of a tree are the most important part to the stability and longevity of the tree. They allow the rest of the tree to grow. The roots anchor the tree and in storms and adverse conditions, the roots allow the tree to stand firm and tall. If the roots of a tree are not healthy or taken care of the tree will suffer.

The leadership and health of an organization is equivalent to the roots of a tree. A healthy leader is necessary for a healthy organization. They both anchor the organization, allow it to stand firm and tall. Their team is the trunk of the tree, taking the culture of the organization out into the community. Here the leaves and fruit reflect a transformed community.

Our Approach

HopeShares approach begins with leaders – their personal and spiritual health, leadership capacity and personal vision – and works outward to their team’s health. We help improve their effectiveness in achieving significant impact on people and communities within their reach.

In contrast, most funder relationships prioritize activities and client statistics (the fruit), while placing a low emphasis on organizational health (the roots).

We believe that to effectively bring about social transformation, those serving on the front lines must be equipped and led well.

HopeShares will bring appropriate resources, training and personnel to each stage of a process designed to strengthen leaders and their teams.