Partner Organizations

Seed of Hope’s early emphasis on addressing community needs has grown to encompass a wider view of empowerment and holistic development. We recognize that a community’s problems are rooted in deeper issues: lack of confidence, deep-rooted dependency and a shortage of selfless leadership.

Today, Seed of Hope’s vision is working with local people to build thriving communities where residents have opportunities to grow, prosper and contribute to positive change.

We believe a thriving community, anywhere in the world, rests on three strong pillars:

• Healthy, stable families
• Sustainable livelihoods
• Servant leaders

To learn more about the work of Seed of Hope please visit their website or FaceBook page.

Seed of Hope 2018 Annual Report available here.

HELP Madagascar

In the summer of 2018, we began our partnership with HELP Madagascar (Health, Education & Life Skills Projects) who has served the Toamasina region (north-eastern coastal) of Madagascar since 2003.

Co-founders Colin and Kim Radford first moved to the area from Australia in 1999, after spending 4 years directing health programs for a Christian NGO in Cambodia. Colin and Kim both hold Masters in Public Health degrees and wide experience in international development.

Today HELP offers daily education, health, leadership and life skills training to over 250 youth and adults, and serves hundreds more through school-based outreach. They also provides sponsorship of school fees for students within their programs to enable low-income families to educate their children. Their staff include HELP’s full-time directors (Radfords), along with 7 full-time and 4 part- time Malagasy staff. Several of the staff are multi-disciplinary and serve in more than one program.

To learn more about the work of HELP Madagascar please visit their website or Facebook page.