Services We Provide

Community Care

Developing healthy and stable families who are well-informed and empowered to manage the holistic health of their homes. We offer relevant training, counselling, social support, poverty elevation, life coaching and capacity building workshops to 200+ community members annually. The Community Care team serves through:

  • Wellness Workshops to better inform and equip the community to improve their standard of living and empower them to make better life style decisions.
  • Operating as a crisis referral hub, where community members can come and report their health and social crisis situation and receive first contact Christian-based counselling and prayer, followed by referrals to government and community services.
  • An elderly empowerment program based on a request from the community, the local counsellors and the traditional Chief’s. We accommodate 20-30 woman per group who meet on weekly basis.

Skills and Sustainability

Empowering community members to provide for their families by identifying and learning to use available resources and skills training opportunities. Through Seed of Hope we offer adult life skills, employment preparation workshops, sewing, computer training, and basic entrepreneurial training and mentorship to 100+ people annually.

  • Khulanathi, translated from Zulu means “Grow with us”, and is a life skills and employment preparation process for unemployed community members. It includes: Life skills and leadership self-discovery course as well as employment preparation and professional etiquette course.
  • Computer Training is an optional stage of the Khulanathi Process which enables access to computer skills, email and the internet for unemployed Bhekulwandle residents.
  • Sewing Training offers a three-module course taught by a qualified instructor , also an optional stage of the Khulanathi Process, progresses through basic, intermediate and advanced seamstress and fashion design skills for unemployed community members.
  • Developing Children and Youth

    Equipping tomorrow’s leaders with a strong sense of identity, life purpose in God, and a heart for their community through Christian-based life skills, leadership development, career preparation and academic support programs

  • Simunye Program serves 140 grade R-7 primary school aged children each week afternoon with a nutritious snack and a safe environment for play and learning in a community with a literacy rate below 50%.
  • The Abaholi Bakusasa program is a collaborative initiative with the local high school to assist student’s in their holistic development through to adulthood. Through an interactive, discussion-based process participants explore their worldview, goals and responsibilities, and provide opportunities for life coaching and small-group mentorship.