Sewing Training

Learners progress through 4 training modules, advancing from basic sewing skills through to fashion and product design. Each week includes a foundational business skill and Christian-based life skill, contributing to the holistic growth of each student.

The process equips them with skills to start their own small business or pursue their career goals in clothing design. Our instructor serves as a trainer, encourager and mentor throughout the learners’ time at Seed of Hope.



Seed of Hope’s agricultural training helps increase food security by improving local farmers’ understanding of soil composition, pest control, time management, quality control and profitability.

The training uses appropriate technology, including basic tools and waste materials from the clients’ own households. Participants report significant yield increases and surplus income through sales of produce.

Seed of Hope offers group training sessions several times each growing season and regular follow up meetings and trainings with implementors. We target both small-scale vegetable and maize (cash crop) farmers, helping improve household nutrition and building Bhekulwandle and NdumeZulu’s economy.