the needOrganizations are overwhelmed with the pressing needs of poverty

Across the globe, small community organizations are working among the poor to make a difference in their communities. These organizations are working to meet great needs often on a very small budget with limited staff. They are stretched in their resources and overwhelmed in their ability to meet the needs of the community. 

Leaders are the key to significant community impact.

For local leaders, financial constraints and cultural expectations can mean carrying the burden of community needs home with them, with few external supporters ready to heed their calls for help. We often think of the great programs offered by international organizations – yet the long-term impact and viability of those programs is rooted in leadership. This is where HopeShares is working to make a difference.

We believe that leaders have a multiplier effect in their organization. If they are functioning in a healthy manner, they allow their organization to thrive and have a significant community impact. If they lack health and the necessary skills, they can bring down a ministry and make future work in the community that much harder.

A sobering fact when looking at international workers is that over 70% of them return to their home country for reasons that are completely preventable. When this happens, the leaders’ lives as well as the organization are deeply impacted.

Together, we must ensure that effective community development is taking place and lives are being changed in the community.


HopeShares is investing in the support and development of healthy leaders who are critical to effective community development.

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