Across the globe, small community organizations are working among the poor to make a difference in their communities.  These organizations are working to meet great needs on a very small budget with  limited staff. They are stretched in their resources and overwhelmed in their ability to met the needs of the community.

Leaders are the key to significant community impact

  • Leaders carry the burden of the organization and community needs with them
  • Limited access to outside support
  • Often on the edge of burnout
Together, we work to support leaders as they lead their organizations to accomplish their mission.

What Our Community Leaders are Saying

“As kindred spirits in cross-cultural development, the staff and board of HopeShares are filled with wisdom, empathy, love and grace.  Each of them were able to speak to our hearts in ways that challenged, blessed and inspired us.”

“The past few years have been very challenging for our organization.  During our time with HopeShares staff there was so much laughter and joy  I didn’t realize how much my spirit needed the laughter.  Our time together brought joy and lifting of weary spirits.”

“Learning about compassion fatigue and necessary endings was extremely helpful.  It helped me realize that our team is exhibiting signs of fatigue and we need to respond.  It gives us permission to allow some relationships and projects to end without seeing it as failure.”

"As kindred spirits in cross-cultural development, and as men of God filled with wisdom, empathy, love, and grace, you were able to speak to our hearts in ways that challenged, blessed, and inspired us.  We really appreciate the great resource books you kindly gave to us as well."